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Premium Quality Construction by Godrej Group

Premium Quality Construction by Godrej Group

The Godrej properties use premium quality materials from construction, from materials to design, building, leasing, and selling properties. They offer end-to-end construction and managemeht solution that are transparent, environment friendly, and provide customers with a great experience. The group preserves the environment as part of their group and sets new benchmarks in the sustainability of the project.

The Godrej group is the largest listed real estate company with a vibrant portfolio having residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects in India. They innovate, sustain, and excel in the real estate industry. The cutting-edge design and technology help in developing the portfolio.

The green building construction services save energy and reduce greenhouse gas to positively impact the environment. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing business helps in bringing the end-to-end solution after the completion of the project. The building's backbone operates by installing erecting public health engineering electrical, fire and safety, Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems to help in having the best and premium quality materials and buildings.

The Godrej group has values of trust, integrity, and commitment towards the environment and is now the 2nd best developer in Asia and the 5th globally in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark report of 2016. The group aims at co-existing harmoniously. The greener materials for construction helps in solving the pressing issue of construction waste and the development cycle.

The services offered by the group include manufacturing sustainable materials, providing environmental engineering solutions, and help in delivering holistic spaces to consumers through construction and civil engineering services along with horticulture and landscape management.

The biodiversity of plants, trees, and bords at Pirojshanagar township expertise in Horticulture and Landscaping team. The Indian Green Building Council and the World Wildlife Fund are used to create a unique indicator called the Biodiversity Index for Pirojshanagar- being the 1st township in India to do so.

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