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List of Builders in Bangalore

List of Builders in Bangalore

Builder in Bangalore works in the building and construction industry. Most of the time, he is a contractor who oversees building projects. The builder puts up houses, shops, and workplaces. He is also responsible for planning the job and ensuring it gets done. Some builders only design or build one type of building or house. Builders are responsible for many things, like ensuring their workers are safe and that the job site is clean and tidy when the project completes.

If builders know how to run jobs well, they will do better. Having project management skills can make a building job easier to run. Construction projects need skilled workers to finish the work on schedule and within budget. With these skills, they can hire pros and make sure their work gets done right. Building projects need people who can work well with others. Teamwork skills are the set of skills that help people work well together as a group. These skills help people work together and listen to each other carefully.

Every builder needs teamwork skills to work well with other professionals like architects, engineers, laborers, project managers, surveyors, technicians, and tradespeople.

There is a list of builders in Bangalore. Numerous builders and real estate developers have their complete and ongoing real estate projects in India, and those big names include Birla, Prestige, Rohan, etc. These builders ensure excellently built Bangalore projects, aiming to provide the best commercial and residential space. These builders earned a reputation and goodwill with continuous excellent work in the Bangalore real estate market. They have thousands of satisfied clients in Bangalore now.

These list of builders in Bangalore should have extensive knowledge of all aspects of construction so they can:

  • Provide cost figures
  • Read and understand plans
  • Assess job sites
  • Set up suppliers and communicate with them
  • Planning and managing the building process
  • Get permits

Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Park Retreat is a project by reputed builders Godrej Properties Ltd. It is an excellent residential project in the Bangalore-rich area at Off Sarjapur, South Bangalore, Bangalore. The project is apartment based. The project covers a total area of 13 Acres, of which 85% are open. The project has sizes from 950.00 sq. ft to 991.00 sq. ft. Godrej Park Retreat has 8 Buildings and 940 units. The launch of the project was on September 2021. And the project possession starts in October 2024.

Godrej Park Retreat provides numerous amenities to its homeowners. The project has a service lift, reserved parking, a gym, and a power backup system for its guests. In addition to the pool, children can use the play area and the kid's pool. There are places to park that are open, closed, and for guests. Safety is always taken care of. Protection is offered around the clock, every day of the week.

Landscaping and tree planting services, stormwater drains, and a care crew. Here, the residents can use the Internet/Wi-Fi, eat at restaurants or cafeterias, or use the grilling area. There are gates around this neighborhood. A Banquet Hall, Landscaping/Tree Planting, Storm Water Drains, a Multipurpose Room, and a Maintenance Team are also available.

There are many places to play sports, like cricket fields, squash courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, a jogging track, and a bike track. Hence, it is one of the best residential Bangalore projects available in the Bangalore real estate market.


Hence, excellent residential and commercial projects are available from the list of builders in Bangalore. Offers a great building with many amenities.

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