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Is it good to buy a plot or a flat?

Is it good to buy a plot or a flat?

Investing in real estate is always the wisest choice to park your money and watch it grow. It is worth buying a flat rather than a plot in Bangalore. The city has pleasant weather, thus encouraging more people to buy apartments. The town is also less susceptible to natural disasters like earthquakes than other cities. It always depends on the budget to invest in a property in Bangalore.

One can enjoy limited modification in a flat as the structure is already built up. The supply of land or plots is limited. Therefore the value of a flat or apartment increases. The flat also gives a better appreciation rate.

The freedom in terms of modification makes a plot a better investment option. However, the value of the property depends on several other factors too. In a plot, one has to take care of a few extra things already done in flats.

Lands or plots have always given higher returns in India. The drawback of living in a flat is no privacy. Flat always has easy maintenance in terms of a plot or land. Living in an apartment, one has to not worry about any stuff.

Owning a plot is a far better option to stay away from all legal troubles and have less drama. The primary factor is the appreciation for an independent house is much higher than for a flat.

Buying a plot means planning construction and hiring an architect to execute it. One has to supervise and deal with all local bodies and contractors. It needs a lot of leg power over little stuff. It makes buying a flat a reasonable proposition.

However, the flat has all the basic amenities like water maintenance, power supply, security, and many more.

As per experts, plots appreciate faster than flats. It is because plots are less in supply in the market. Appreciation depends on the location and proximity because of big infra projects.

One must invest in a built-up flat for a regular rental income. There is no income from plots unless one constructs them. Area, surrounding infra, and the quality of the neighborhood add the value of flats and plots as well.

Tax treatment for apartments and plots is different. The better investment choice between a flat or a plot depends on budget, tax, and personal needs. A flat offers safety, a suitable living environment and lots of facilities.

Investing in flats is good for those wanting to settle in the city. People working in IT firms prefer to share the accommodation and save money on rent. Several reputed builders have developed various strategies and offerings to attract customers. Builders develop the township with many amenities that make the lifestyle comfortable. It also makes balancing work and family life easier. Therefore, being ready to move into flats is like spoon-feeding in Bangalore.

Thus, Buying or investing in a flat or plot has pros and cons. The investor must decide which real estate avenue will deliver good returns. One must be evident in how one suits its family's requirements. Going for a plot or land depends on the risk appetite, availability of surplus money, and time with the buyer.

Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Park Retreat

Godrej Park Retreat is a futuristic residential project in Bangalore. The renowned Godrej Properties build it. It consists of 800 plus houses. It is spread across 12.85 acres of land. The project has 8 towers with 976 units. It offers a decent infrastructure. It has around 4 educational and 11 hospital centers in the vicinity. The property provides 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments. The size configuration of the flats starts from 368 sq. ft to 1851 sq. ft. The flat range varies between 50.05 lacs to 1.85 cr.

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