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Investing in Apartment on Whitefield

Investing in Apartment on Whitefield

Whitefield is an area in Bangalore, Karnataka, known for its high-end homes and tech companies. The Whitefield is named after David Emmauanel Starkenburgh White to honor him. He started the European and Anglo-Indian Association. Chamaraja Wodeyar, the king of Mysore, gave the group 4,000 acres of land. The establishment of the Whitefield was in 1882. It is a settlement for the Eurasians and Anglo-Indians of Bangalore.

Whitefield is a great place to live because it is beautiful and in a great spot. So, the city's famous spots and places where people do business are close by, like schools, hospitals, malls, hotels, bars, etc. You can have fun and treat yourself at the same time. People like to shop in the city at places like Phoenix Marketcity and VR Bengaluru. Both of them are from other places. You can go to the movies, see live music, or get a drink at one of the many bars with outdoor sitting. Greater Bangalore now includes a big part of Whitefield. It is the first link between the Namma Metro and technology.

It is a popular residential area in the Indian city of Bangalore. You can consider investing in an apartment on Whitefield. Whitefield is where many real estate developers and builders have built, are building, or plan to build homes for people. Big names like Birla, Goderaj, Prestige, Rohan, etc., are among these real estate builders. All of these builders want to build you the perfect house. These builders offer an elegant 2 BHK in Whitefield. Best for your nuclear family. Living here makes things easier for you. People who live in the Whitefield area now have more things to do and enjoy. You can easily get to other parts of the city from here. It is one of Bangalore's best places to live.

What is Sale Deed?

A sale deed is a legal record that says who the new owner of a piece of land is. You will need the sale deed to buy and register a piece of land.

The information in the sales contract uses to register the land legally. The buyer's name on the sales deed is the new legal owner of the property. It lists things like the purchase price, a description of the property, how the buyer will get the land, etc. A property sale deed is legal proof that the seller sold the property to the buyer. Neither the buyer nor the seller officially owns the property until the sale deed is signed and recorded.

All bills, like those for water, electricity, and property tax, must be paid in full.

Elements of a property sale deed :

  • Name and address of the executing parties
  • Description of the property
  • Sale consideration
  • Passing the title
  • Indemnity
  • Registration

Documents require for property sale deed :

The seller must provide documentation to prove ownership before preparing a selling deed. The sale deed needs these documents:

  • Sale agreement
  • Payment receipts
  • Property tax receipt
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Copy of the building/layout plan
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Completion certificate
  • Occupancy certificate
  • Possession letter
  • Allotment letter
  • General Power of Attorney (GPA)

Whitefield's Connectivity

Whitefield has excellent connectivity. You can take Whitefield Road through Mahadevapura and Marathahalli to the city's center. You can get to Whitefield Road from Marathahalli by taking Varthur Road. The NICE Road and the old airport road also meet in Whitefield. Whitefield is about an hour's drive from the international airport, and the nearest train station is only a few kilometers away.


Hence, investing in apartments on Whitefield is a smart move. The area has excellent connectivity, accessibility, and many other perks making it worth investing in.

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